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James Pereira is an American born music producer, DJ, builder, developer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  His career is driven by creating environments, buildings, and music motivated by cultures, passion and purity.  Simplistic structure allows his compositions to make sensible forms.  Similarly, he does not operate under a pseudonym.  His visions are intended to take one to a place of tranquility.

Raised in New York, he has traveled and studied globally to gain inspiration and to better understand humanity and how and why things are made.  Concurrent with completing his Architecture thesis in 2004, “A Cemetery for the Living,” James was already designing multiple construction projects throughout New York City, as well as actively working on several urban design competitions.  Long nights in studios, and subsequent underground club scenes, was when he quickly began producing music.  In efforts to enhance his design knowledge, he began building several towers across the New York skyline overseeing the means and methods of all tradesmen and building systems to create a project.  When ready, he later moved on to successfully develop multiple projects with a now full understanding of each piece of the process.

“I played bass as a kid as the rich tones, paired with a drum kick, always resonated for me.  Regardless of the genre, if they are played right, they alone carry the track and the listener.” James cites electronic producers Daftpunk, ATB, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren as pioneers and the catalysts hooking his ear on the new sound and changing the music industry in the early 2000’s. 

In 2016, after spending years of meticulously planning everything from basslines to logos, Pereira took it one step further and launched James Pereira; the brand.  Led by his strict processes, and fixation on creating utopian environments, the brand has gone on to become synonymous with a minimal deep house ambient sound.